Where We Are, 3-7-12

The next release, 1.0-alpha2, is almost here. There will be some bug fixes and several new features.

Two of the biggest features are:
-Title slides for Templates
-Allow setting the target resolution

Title slides for templates took up the majority of the time for this release because it required several core changes. I needed to add a brand new concept of "Views" for items. Views are different ways that an item could be represented on screen. Template items now have a default view and a title view. The title view can be used to hold song title and attribution information. And you can specify which, if any songs in a template should use this title view.

You can now set the target display resolution for your project to allow configuring the project in one machine and running it in another. This way, you can set the correct resolution in your configuration machine and see how it would look like in the machine where it will run.

This release should be out within the next couple of weeks.

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