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This is a work in progress. It will be updated over the coming days.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Where do I begin?

The presentations in Seamless Worship are created through what we call projects. Projects allow you to add items to be displayed on-screen.
To create a project:
  • Open up the Seamless Worship application (NOT Seamless Worship Database, more on that later).
  • Using the File menu, select New
  • Select where to save your project file

I want to put some text on the screen.

Easy enough:

I want to make it actually look nice.

You can change the background!

To change the color of your background:

You can even use an image!

To add an image to your background:

Chapter 2: Reusability

Writing the same text week after week in your projects could get pretty annoying, so we came up with the Seamless Worship Database. It is a separate application that allows you to save any text to be reused in your Seamless Worship projects.

I want to know what is available to use in my projects

Opening the Seamless Worship Database application will show you all the content Seamless Worship knows about. Content is our name for any sort of text based data that you may want to use week after week.

I want to save stuff to use later

There are two types of content available for you: Text and Song.

I want to save some simple text

I want to save a full song lyric

Chapter 3: Putting it all together

So now you have a bunch of stuff saved in your database, but how do you use it from your projects?


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